Mecca under construction

I take exception with Ry saying, “Joe tried to drive the cat through the uphill side of the container, missing only by a few inches”. It was under complete control when I was within a few inches. I was out of control sliding sidewise for a few feet a minute or so earlier but it stopped before I got within five or six feet but everything else is correct.

Barron has some pictures and I will get some pictures, video, and stories (three different types of fuels failed me with the bulldozer, there was a flat tire on my vehicle, and it was HOT out there), of my own up within a few days.

On the bright side; Mecca is going to be awesome!

Oh, and those guys who stayed in bed until after 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM today are wimps. My muscles were a little sore from moving over 1300 pounds of ammonium nitrate and other stuff but I was out at the range today by 9:00 AM and shot in the Steel Challenge Pistol match with only minor complaints. I guess it must suck when you get to be as old as those other guys who didn’t make it to match. [wink]

Thanks again Ry, Barron, and son-in-law Caleb, for all the help. I couldn’t have done it without you.


1 thought on “Mecca under construction

  1. The muscles in my right hand still aren’t back to what they should be. I could have rolled out of bed and gone shooting, I’m just not sure how much fun it would have been. The biggest killer I had wasn’t from the work on Saturday. I could feel the weather changes in my right hip where I broke my femur. I really hate the fall for just that reason. When the weather changes, I feel it.

    Plus I probably would have ended up cleaning my truck in the rain which isn’t all that fun. Though there’s a section of dirt that’s probably going to grow really well in my back yard now.

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