Long day, sort of

Barb and I got up at about 2:30 AM this morning. Daughter Xenia and her husband needed a ride to the airport.

We helped them get through the check in line and started through TSA and then left. We were sad because daughter Xenia is now living over 2000 miles away. It’s the furthest any of our kids have moved away from home. We then came back to my bunker and went back to sleep.

We ended up spending the entire day in bed watching videos (“Night and Day” followed by 12 episodes of “In Plain Sight”). We only got up for bathroom breaks and to get a little bit of food.

It probably wasn’t the best treatment for mild depression. Exercise probably would have been better but it’s what we felt like doing.


6 thoughts on “Long day, sort of

  1. How about a little ribbing to cheer you up?

    “…got up at about 2:30 AM this morning.”

    So that’s as opposed to getting up at 2:30 PM this morning, or at 2:30 AM this afternoon then? Just want to be sure, ’cause if you’d said “2:30 AM today” or “2:30 this morning” I’d have had no idea as to what was being said.

  2. Lay off, Lyle! Perhaps he just transcribed this blog entry from his radio blog. I learned in the one journalism class I took in college that redundancy in print is bad, because it’s difficult to squeeze in all that information into an itty-bitty column, but in radio it’s good, because someone listening might miss the “AM” part, or the “morning” part, and doesn’t have the ability to go back and read it to make the correction. 😉

    Of course, redundancy never works the way I want it to: I’ll be half-listening to the radio, when I catch the tail end of a story, have a “Say, what?!?” moment, but have no way to catch the first of the story. Thus, Joe, when you do your “radio broadcasts”, could you please repeat each story twice, except when I’m listening carefully? It will be greatly appreciated!

  3. Damn, if you are going to stay in bed all day you might as well take the cure, Joe’s cure that is.

  4. Alpheus; I often have the same problem listening to radio. Worse yet is when someone pays big bucks for a radio ad, spends a bunch of air time selling me on the product, and then fails to identify the company AFTER having gotten my attention. They only identify themselves BEFORE getting my attention, see. Ok; you’ve gotten my attention AND you’ve sold me…now who the hell are you? I need a radio with the super cool buffering feature that lets you go back and listen again, except that when I have it available I tend to buffer up during snack breaks and the like, or have it pre recorded, so I can skip the commercials entirely (see; I said all that without using the words “tape”, “rewind”, “film” or “footage”. “Fastforward” and several other older terms are fully applicable to digital media).

  5. Hey Joe,

    Next time your stuck in bed all day. Check out the very good but short lived t.V. show “Kidnapped” it lasted only a year and a half but it was great. It was one of the last truly huge budget NBC shows. Very well written. Full of movie stars, starred Jeremy Sisto, Timothy Hutton, Dana Delany, Delroy Lindo. Its a Crime,action, suspense, sort of like “24” in that each episode pushed it along to the next chapter.

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