So this bald guy buys a flat iron

These two guys in black coats walked into Bartell’s Drug store tonight. They went to the aisle with the hair straightener equipment and carefully studied all the options. Finally the bald guy went to checkout with one that had a temperature setting that went all the way to 25 (presumably because 11 wasn’t enough). He just knew the clerk was going to ask what he was going to do with a flat iron.

“Pubic hair” was going to be answer because sealing plastic boxes filled with explosives just wouldn’t have worked out very well.

But no one asked.

Ry hints at what happened in the next hour or so.

Update: I have been informed that “hair straightener” is the term used for the chemicals that straighten hair and the heating tool is called a “flat iron”. It’s fixed now. Sorry, but what do you expect from a guy that almost doesn’t have any hair on his head?