Boomershoot chemicals

The Potassium Chlorate needed for Boomershoot 2011 Boomerite was delivered to my home in Idaho a few hours ago. Assuming the ground dries out enough to get it to the Taj Mahal by the end of April we just need some more target boxes, a few gallons of ethylene glycol, and the mystery ingredient (readily available from Costco in 50 pound bags) and we will have all the supplies we need for the next event.


13 thoughts on “Boomershoot chemicals

  1. and the mystery ingredient (readily available from Costco in 50 pound bags)

    Your mystery ingredient is dog food? 😉

  2. @Ring,

    AN isn’t the mystery ingredient. AN is clearly listed on the website with the rest of the recipe. Alan knows because he has helped make it and actually has given the most nearly correct answer so far.

    I’m pretty sure Roberta X knows too but I haven’t confirmed that.

  3. I got a few of pounds of 500mesh aluminum if you want to add a little pixie dust flash, heh, heh.
    I don’t even like to open that bottle; the stuff acts like a vapor.

  4. Pretty much any carbohydrate will do, sugar is just more “pure” than flour, and a lot cheaper than artificial coffee creamer.

  5. @emdfl,

    We have used Al powder in some mixtures. It adds some flash but nothing of particular interest beyond that in this application. Our mystery ingredient does the same for far less money and risk.


    If I were to confirm or deny that then it soon wouldn’t be a mystery. Would it?

  6. Salt or sugar. I’ll go salt because of the “tears” comment…

  7. I knew what it was as soon as I read the post. Thats how you get such sweet explosions. Now I wonder if you run it rich or lean, my guess is rich.

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