Boomershoot 2011 status and stats

As I posted before registration for Boomershoot 2011 was opened up for staff and 2010 participants earlier this week. Just before it was opened up for everyone at 6:00 PM Pacific time the event was 75% full.

Three fourths of 2010 participants plan to come back for the 2011 event. Wow!

At 6:00 PM registration opened to everyone and I expected it would be full within a few minutes. I was wrong. As of 9:45 PM there are still 11 positions available. So if you thought had no chance you were wrong. Please go ahead and sign up.

Here are the current registration stats (they are available, live, here):

  Total Average per position taken Average per total positions
Positions Taken 65 0.86
Participants 106 1.63 1.39
Shooters 100 1.54 1.32
Spotters 6 0.09 0.08
Friday High Intensity participants 24 0.37 0.32
Saturday High Intensity participants 26 0.40 0.34
Dinner participants 53 0.82 0.70
Media/Bloggers 12 0.18 0.16
ATF Approved 13 0.20 0.17

There are a total of 76 positions available and 50 positions for each of the high intensity events. So, as you can see, there is still room for more people. There is also the Precision Rifle Clinic which probably still has openings.

One of the things I noticed in previous events was that in the early days there were an average of nearly two people per available position (three is the max allowed). In the last few years it dropped to about 1.5. This year I decided to raise the price for a single person entry. There were two reasons for this. One, I wanted more people to be able to attend. I’m pushing against some hard limits on the number of shooting positions and the only way to get more people in is to pack them tighter. And two, my gross sales dropped with the expenses remaining essentially constant. I felt guilty about raising the price so I dropped the price for the second and third shooters such that if there were two or more shooters the total price would be the same as before. But, so far, it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference. 1.5 increased to 1.63 is probably just barely significant. Oh, well. It’s not that important.

I also find it interesting how many bloggers are attending. And the number above doesn’t include daughter Xenia and I.

But what really makes me smile is it is hundreds of miles from the nearest major airport with the nearest stop light nearly 40 miles away. Yet, almost for certain, Boomershoot has a bigger turn out that any Brady Campaign event.


7 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2011 status and stats

  1. Just saw your boomer shoot on shooting gallery on the outdoor channel. Think it is super. Joe Huffman,Osage,Iowa. (I’m a shooter also-Bullseye pistol and S.D. prarie dogs)

  2. I knew there was more than one Joe Huffman in the world but you are the first to comment on my blog.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. *sigh* One of these years, I am going to have to stop saying “one of these years”. But not this year. 😉

    I am, however, going to start working on something boomer-capable, so at least there is that…

  4. “Boomershoot has a bigger turn out that any Brady Campaign event.”

    And Baby Vulcan smiles.

    Of course, also, anything that causes California’s Four Horsemen of Terror* distress is a good thing.

    *Feinsten, Boxer, Pelosi and Waxman

  5. Sadly, the gun was the last of my excuses (time and money being the primary ones, at the moment)… But since I have the time now, I might as well make something better :).

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