Chalk Dispenser V3.0 has arrived

I have version 3.0 of the chalk dispenser system sitting in my living room now.


The small boxes marked “RED CHALK” conveniently fit into the 3” opening on the top. They sent us some empty boxes to put the Boomerite in. The Boomerite will go in first and be exposed to gun fire through the 1.5” hole in the front.

This version also has 1/4” armor plate on the face. This should withstand the bullet impacts much better.

Ry plans to be back in Idaho on Saturday and we will visit the Boomershoot site to do our tests. The weather forecast on Saturday is for a low of -1 F and a high of 15 F. We had a blizzard last night and today and it put down several inches of snow. This may complicate things some. I’m not sure we will be able to drive all the way out to the Taj Mahal to mix the Boomerite. I may have to walk or snowshoe in, mix it up, and carry it back while Ry preps the target at the shooting berm.


5 thoughts on “Chalk Dispenser V3.0 has arrived

  1. making it an 1 1/2″ target is the main reason for building it. the 10″ sq is so you can see it, and the chalk is so everyone knows someone hit it. an 1/1/2″ target that still has a big boom with a distinct colored cloud. if joe approves it, we plan on making some two inch hole targets as well with a different color chalk . . we are also planning two smaller 1″ hole versions for the tree line for people with smaller calibers to be able to shoot as we have not had much success setting off 600 yard boomers with a .223 or 22-250…

  2. Robb,

    Yes. The 7 inch square targets at 700 yards were claimed by some to be “too easy”.

    There are multiple cures for this:

    1) Make the targets smaller. We now have 3 and 4 inch targets at 700 yards.
    2) Make them move. We now suspend some of the targets from a “clothes line” such that they blow in the wind and shake from the nearby explosions.
    3) Make them harder to see. We now paint some of them with “camouflage paint” and hide them in the grass.

    Even this was not “sufficiently interesting”. Hence we are working on “chalk dispensers”. This will give us arbitrarily small targets.

    I expect to see .30 caliber targets at the 375 yard line within a year or two.

  3. I notice there is a lot of effort devoted to making a sturdy enclosure with a fair size hole in the side. How big a hole does it take to reliably propagate a detonation from the outside to the inside? Primacord could be useful here.

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