Planned for Boomershoot 2011

I have heard from those involved there are plans to bring a little more firepower than usual to Boomershoot 2011.

Here is some video from the test firings:


9 thoughts on “Planned for Boomershoot 2011

  1. Would a ballistic bowling ball set off a boomer, and would it be worth it to put up a “grid” of targets for them to aim for?

    Would sympathetic detonation occur if the grid were packed within some set distance, one box to the next? And if so, would not that become the bestest boomer target ever, with say a hundred target boxes firing off in a rippling roar?

  2. We don’t believe it will detonate the explosives just laying on the ground. It might if the explosives were on a very hard surface but we don’t know. We have enough explosives deployed for the regular shooters at the beginning of the vent that they will have a pretty good a chance of connecting with something.

    They would need to be touching to propagate rather than just tear their neighbor to pieces. As for a “rippling roar” the answer is no. The “ripple” would propagate at 15,000 to 20,000 feet per second. It would be one big boom.

  3. I don’t know about this particular mortar, but the range on some of the Civil War versions

  4. er, 3520 yd. Pardon the arithmetic.

    I remember one episode when I was in college, I was working as a fast food clerk & my calc prof happened to come in to order something. I made a mistake on the order, which she later brought to my attention( I’d done quite well in her class)–I could do multivariable calculus, but apparently working out a simple sales receipt was beyond my capabilities. Talk about embarrassing!

  5. i was using 1/3 cup goex cannon powder, except the last shot was 1/2 cup. test was a 12 pound bowling ball. we had a limited range to shoot it in and it was just to test it out. angled at 70 degrees with 1/3 cup it went 320 yards. not sure the distance on the 1/2 cup cause it went past the 350 yards into the trees and we never found it. we are going for height more than distance. the weekend of new years we are taking it to a bigger place to see how far it will shoot. bowling balls have offset weight in the core in case you actually want to use them for bowling, so shooting one with extreme accuracy is not too likely. you can watch them wobble through the air…

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