Boomershoot 2011 slogan search

I’m trying to come up with a slogan for the Boomershoot 2011 t-shirts, hats, etc..

My current list of possibilities are:

  • A wholesome alternative to a practical day at work.
  • Famous potatoes explosives
  • Freedom smells like gunpowder
  • Get a big BANG for your buck.
  • Good marksmanship has EXPLOSIVE rewards!
  • Guns, Explosives, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of kaboom.
  • Peace Through Superior Marksmanship [I think I would change this to “Freedom Through Superior Marksmanship”—Joe]
  • Prometheus suffered so you could do stuff like this. Don’t be ungrateful.
  • Too early to shoot the bastards but not too soon to practice.
  • The smell of cordite. The sound of thunder.
  • This is my target. There are many like it.  But this one explodes! [based on the Rifleman’s Creed]
  • Turning money into smoke, heat, and NOISE!

I’m open to suggestions and voting in the comments. If someone suggests one that I really like and end up using I’ll send them a free Boomershoot 2011 t-shirt, hat, or (or even thong) with the winning slogan on it.


38 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2011 slogan search

  1. Happiness is a Big Boom (or Bang if you want to go with slightly suggestive)

    Friends, Firearms and Explosions — What a weekend.

  2. •Too early to shoot the bastards but not to soon to practice gets my vote.

    My previous favorite was from a couple of years ago: Vene, vidi, BOOM!

  3. Joe, I seem to recall you mentioning that boomerite creates more oxygen than it burns. How about, “Boomershoot, Solving Global Warming one Bullet at a time”
    That might scare the politicians though. Wait, that a good thing.

  4. Where compensation is measured not in inches, but in decibles.

    Blowing up anvils since $YEAR.

    It’s better than paying for therapy.

    Have you hugged your Explosives Expert today?

  5. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of kaboom.

    Q: Where is the earth-shattering kaboom? (a la Marvin the Martian)
    A: Boomershoot

  6. Kevin,

    I kind of like that one too but worry that it might be a little bit too “edgy”–especially for the law enforcement and military folks that attend. Opinions?


    You are correct about the oxygen balance. But that theme has sort of been taken.

    Boomershoot 2009 shirts used images from a bunch of fireballs with the slogan “Preventing Global Cooling”.

    Most of the other suggestions so far will get serious consideration from me.

    Keep them coming and thanks!

  7. How about the chemical reaction/formula on one side of an equation, and big smiley face on the other side of the “=”, and a flaming “Boomershoot” underneath (or as a background). Keeps it very simple, but a conversation starter.

  8. “Prometheus suffered so you could do stuff like this. Don’t be ungrateful.” Of the ones Joe suggested, this one made me crack a smile.

    I also like “Temple of Boom” and “Because Real Men don’t need eyebrows”.

    I don’t know if Boomerite is some sort of paste (from the descriptions I’ve seen of it, it may be, but I understand it might harden, too), but if it is, you might want to consider “Blast from the Paste”. But I think I still like these other ones better.

  9. Boomershoot: Everything BATFE doesn’t like, now in one convenient location!

    Though “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of kaboom.” is very good, too.

  10. Boomershoot: Come for the guns and explosions, stay because your ears are still bleeding!

    Boomershoot: When we say “Reactive Targets”, we really mean it!

    Boomershoot: Making firearms suppressors irrelevant since $YEAR

  11. So Hiroshi Tea’s gets my vote (though it may be too close to Mythbusters’ comments on the same…), with the equation one being a close second.

    The only thing I have to offer is a riff on a B5 line that no one remembers: “Boom today AND boom tomorrow!”

  12. Short and to the point is good, so I’d like “The smell of cordite. The sound of thunder” better if it were shortened to “Smell of cordite, sound of thunder”.

  13. Alpheus,

    It is like low density BBs mixed with a fine power with everything slightly damp. The solids are all white and liquid is green. So it is white with a slight greenish tinge. It pours fairly well. It could not be considered a paste.

  14. I like the equation = smiley face concept;maybe with the smiley face in a boomer shaped box best. It keeps it simple and intriguing.
    I like Mr. C’s Exothermic Ecstasy as well.
    I don’t think you want to get “too cute” with the slogan. Simple is better.

  15. My humble offerings:
    Boomershoot: Precision Invoking Chaos
    One shot, one boom!

    I also like the “Too early to shoot the bastards but not to soon to practice” and “A wholesome alternative to a practical day at work.”

  16. “Splodey goodness on both sides of the firing line.”

    “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one… or Boomershoot.”

    “The most fun you can have in Idaho… after Dr. Joe’s cure for everything.”

    “Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap, Squeeze, Boom, Relax, Ahhh….” (A riff on the Army’s teaching of immediate action on an M4/M16, S.P.O.R.T.S. now, S.P.O.R.T.S.B.R.A.

  17. Well, the obvious only….

    Too Early to shoot them, but not to soon to practice!

    I avoid the expletive, simply because I the expletive is not correctly applied in this case, most of them aren’t technically bastards!

  18. I have been asked many times about the legality of the Boomershoot.
    After explaining what it is and showing a few vids/pics, People say “Wow, how cool! I want to …is it legal?”

    So perhaps something along the lines of:

    Yes. It’s Legal.


    It’s one thing blowing stuff up. It’s a whole ‘nother doing it legally.

    Just a thought.

  19. – When you absolutely, positively have to blow something up. (appl. FedEx)

    – Life is too short to merely perforate targets.

    – Because Bang! just isn’t enough.

    – What did you say? I can’t hear you over the targets.
    I can’t hear you, your targets are making a lot of noise.
    (HT old commercial – “your dishwaher – it makes a lot of noise”)

    – Wait! This is the part where it explodes! (Okay, that is outright theft from Toy Story..)

    – It’s “BOOMershoot”, not Bummershoot. Bummershoot was last November…

    – Boomershoot – It’s not for everyone, because some people don’t appreciate the finer things in life.

    Have fun with those.

    One more: Boomershoot – where anvils, low flush toilets and snowmen shake in fear.

  20. “Beans, bullets, and booms”


    “Where is my kaboom? I was promised an Earth shattering kaboom!”

    I don’t really know what that first one means, and the second one is probably copyrighted by Warner Bros.

  21. Of those on the list “Prometheus suffered…” is my personal favorite.

    Defens’ Equation idea is also good.

  22. @Caleb, I’ve experienced that a lot myself. Many seem to think explosives = illegal and bad. My wife has been trying to get her mom and dad to come out for it. Someone at my mother-in-laws work, without really knowing anything about it said it was illegal in Washington and could result in her being fired for attending and participating in an illegal activity. At which point she points out it’s in Idaho, and the response is, “It’s illegal there too.” F.U.D. its a P.I.T.F.A.

    I’m all for a slogan along the lines of “Yes It’s Legal.” I’m sure we could even come up with more ideas along the same thread. Some thoughts:

    – “Not only is it legal… It’s BATFE approved!”

    – “While most people commit three felonies a day, this isn’t one of them!”

    – “While many of the pleasures of life are illegal to purchase, Boomershoot isn’t one of them!”


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