Barbara Ann Scott

[This post is primarily for my amusement and for my children who will be far less confused that my average reader. Please note portions of this post are very carefully worded.]

If you read my blog frequently enough you will figure out that I married Barbara Scott and that she kept her maiden name.

What you might not know is that her full name is Barbara Ann Scott and that Barbara Ann Scott used to be very famous. Here are some videos of her when she won the gold medal in ice skating:

And when she was on the TV show, “What’s My Line”:

Yes. Wife Barbara is a little bit older than I am but she doesn’t show it. Dr. Joe’s Cure for Everything does help you live longer you know. Here is a picture from earlier this month:


7 thoughts on “Barbara Ann Scott

  1. Bill,

    Actually, the conversation went like this:

    Joe: “Did you read the post I just made about you?”
    Barb (with a little bit of an edge in her voice): “What did you say?”
    Joe: “I said you were a little bit older than me but that you didn’t show it.”
    Barb: “Do you want to die?”
    Joe: “No! Do you want to kill me?”
    Barb (getting out of bed and running to her computer): “We’ll see.”
    Barb (with a smile on her face): “Very funny.”
    Joe: “It’s okay then?”
    Barb: “Yeah, I’ll let you live.”

    Then we cuddled up in bed and went to sleep.

    When I woke up this morning I was still alive so I think things are going to be just fine.

  2. I was thinking she should smack you cuz I know she’s at least 10 years younger than you are. Isn’t she gonna be 39 next year? 😉

  3. She was really great back then? Has she kept up with her skating and learned some of the newer tricks? It would be great to see an 80 year old woman whip out a Triple Axel, Double Toe Loop combo! While shooting an El Presidente!

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