Bulk ammo

I received an email today from Bulk Ammo:

Hi Joe!

I read your blog- The View From North Central Idaho from time to time and thought you might want to know that we just launched a new online ammo retailer that specializes in bulk ammunition for serious shooters.

If you are interested, we would sure appreciate a short post to your readership (and a link to http://www.bulkammo.com/ with the anchor text “Bulk Ammo” – or feel free to link to your favorite category page!) about our grand opening!

Feel free to pass along the following coupon code for $25 off their first order over $200: GrandOpening

We have a lot of inventory available and its all ready to ship, so enjoy!

Keep up the good work!



I haven’t bought much ammo recently. Mostly I have been reloading from supplies I purchased two or three years ago so I’m not really the best person to judge whether the prices are good. Check it out for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Bulk ammo

  1. I see a name like Bulk Ammo and I expect to see pallets of 7.62 x 39 going for under 10 cents a pop, or truckloads of surplus 7.62 NATO, belted one in four or five tracer, crates of Czech surplus 7.62 Tok, cans of linked 50 BMG API & APIT for sale by the pallet, original 7.5 Swiss military in 500 lots, 440 round spam cans of Russian 7.62 x 54R selling 10 at a time and 1970s surplus 45 ACP just uncovered in a Vietnamese arms cache. Stuff like that. I’ll keep checking back though.

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