Gun cartoon of the day

[sarcasm] Nice characterization of an NRA member [/sarcasm] –complete with the safety violation of the finger on the trigger.

But the artist may have accurately depicted the effect of the loophole for the NRA. It severely wounded the proposed law and while the law is still is on life support there is a good chance it will die.


2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Their side (the cartoonist) may not know the four laws and think it’s ok to hace your finger on the trigger, also, when they turned from the target they must have covered someone with the muzzle.

  2. Well, to possibly annoy or alarm several people; back in the early days when all handguns were single action, keeping one’s finger off the trigger at all times wasn’t terribly important, such that I would guess the thought of trigger discipline never occurred to most shooters. With the hammer down on an empty chamber or safety pin, the gun cannot possibly fire with a mere action of the trigger. One must make the very deliberate action of cocking the hammer before the gun becomes “hot”. For safety’s sake, it would be more important to keep things away from the hammer spur, so as not to rotate a live chamber under the hammer.

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