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I updated my list of Bloggers I have met after meeting a bunch of people at the NRA Annual Meeting. I’m just certain that I left one or more people off the list but I can’t think of who it might be. If you find your name isn’t on the list, it should be, and you want it to be please send me an email and I’ll correct my error(s).


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  1. Are bloggers particularly special in some way? How many non-bloggers have you met; don’t they qualify for a list of some sort?

  2. Sorry, I didn’t answer your first question…

    For a long time I felt obligated to have a link to and try to read every blog that had me on their blogroll. When I couldn’t handle that (I just can’t read as many blogs as some people do) I tried restricting it to bloggers I had met. I soon couldn’t keep up with reading those either. But I did think it was kinda cool that I had met all these bloggers/celebrities. Sort of, “I know what this person is really like.”

    Some bloggers link to me frequently and have helped build my readership, and I am very grateful, but I don’t/can’t read their blogs because I just don’t have the time and their blog didn’t quite make the cut. I wanted to show my gratitude–particularly if we met and spent a few hours together talking and plotting how to “save the world”. Therefore I put together a list of the bloggers I have met and link to their blogs as a way of saying, “I remember you and thanks for spending time with me.”

  3. I will certainly say it was a real pleasure meeting and chatting with you.

    Also when will we save the world for those who are concerned about pubic Lice? : ]

  4. Thanks for the snarky answer, Joe. I actually didn’t think you had that in you. 🙂

    Also, thanks for the expanded answer. As someone who reads blogs, and has occasionally had my own, I understand the desire for some folks to regularly jot down their thoughts and share them. My writing tends to the technical, and the stuff I write either shows up in trade journals, or a few years ago in server admin methodologies, help files or user interfaces.

    I do find amusing, and often cloying, this mutual love fest among bloggers, however. Although there are a few well-documented blogs that provide valuable information for readers (Gara, Cramer, etc.), there are many more that serve only as a launch pad from which to blow smoke and launches tirades. It’s a free country, and the first amendment not only allows folks to do that, it also allows me to ignore background prattle. But, just because some twit has time on his hands and wants to bloviate, doesn’t make him/her a “celebrity” except perhaps in his own mind. And even then, what’s the big deal with being a “celebrity” – most aren’t worth the effort to walk across the street to meet. Chuck Norris, maybe.

    Ordinarily, this isn’t bothersome – ’cause after all I can choose not to read, right? Where it does become intrusive is when it’s obvious that bloggers are getting preferential treatment. Boomershoot is a prime example – my team and I (non-bloggers all) have loyally attended this event almost since the inception. Through snow and monsoon and non-exploding targets. Yet this last year we barely were able to secure spots anywhere near our usual area, because the choice spots were filled (with bloggers, I note) probably a couple of days (or at least several hours) before the pre-signup was opened for previous participants. The folks who weren’t bloggers, and who hadn’t actually communicated with you directly about signup, probably never had a chance. It was pretty obvious that the fix was in, and the bloggers had advance notice. It’s your show, so you get to make the rules – but you pissed off some loyal participants who have been with the event for a long time

    Feel free to publish all the pictures of me you want (with the eyes blacked out, of course, us secret squirrel operators need some privacy) or not. I really don’t care. But unless you’re just writing for your blogger buddies (which is cool, just let me know) you might consider the rest of your somewhat sizable readership – I’m betting a large percentage of them don’t give a crap about what Tam or Weerd [with or without his crab lice], or a host of other bloggers are up to. If we did, we’d read their blogs. I, for one, am far more interested in the essays that you and Lyle post, most of which are darned good reading.

  5. I wish I had been able to take the opportunity to make your list. Unfortunately, even with the thing in my back yard, life intervened. Perhaps another time.

  6. Defens,

    Staff always gets first choice, then people who had paid for the previous year, canceled, and let me keep their money for a year (and sometimes three). Then people who participated the previous year. Then everyone else.

    There has never been a sign-up preference given to bloggers. I have given free entry to bloggers who attend the event for the first time and give bloggers a chance to see behind the scenes and make their own explosives with the media day.

    What did happen last year was one blogger let me keep his money for a year. He got in before his buddies who participated the previous year and were sharing the same canopy. I did give them a few hours extra to select a position and perhaps I should not have done that. But it had nothing to do with some of them being bloggers.

    If you would like to put in a day or more of work sometime on Thursday->Saturday I would be glad to change your status to “staff” and give you free and early entry. Please fill out this form and get it back to me in the next couple of weeks.

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