6 thoughts on “Tactical pants

  1. Thanks, Joe. I’d like to check out pics of those pants Say Uncle saw. I am now officially a tac pants fanatic!

  2. Having tried 3 of those, and with 1 more type on order, I have to say that comfort wise, the Propper’s win.

    That said, I REALLY like 5-11’s Covert Tacticals slacks, which have double slash pockets, one inside the other, and a hidden side seam pocket at thigh level. Unfortunately, it appears they are being discontinued.

    But I agree, $160 is absolutely ridiculous!!

  3. As noted on SayUncle, the list does not include Dickies nor Carhart, so is incomplete.

  4. Yes, I write the Tactical Pants Blog. lol 🙂 The focus is more on law enforcement, less on pants… we do talk a LOT of pants.

    @Mikee we are debating as whether Dickies and Carhart are tactical brands or if they are just considered cargos. We are definitely adding LA Police Gear’s Operator Pant and are hopeful about the Crye Precision pant, which at $179 is actually more expensive than the Kitanica pant.

    @Drang Kitanica’s pant is so expensive because it is completely USA made and are extremely intricate. The pants are as ridiculously detailed as the price.

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