Boomershoot private party

Last weekend I took a bunch of people from work out to the Boomershoot site for a private party.

I still haven’t gotten the pictures off of my camera. Barron has been much better on reporting the latest Boomershoot news than I have. Here is his report on the private party with lots of pictures.

I really need to finish my “chicks and guns” blog post that I have been thinking about for months…


1 thought on “Boomershoot private party

  1. I find it much more fun to blog about stuff like that. Blogging about the other stuff eventually just makes me depressed and angry. Blogging about the smiles put on peoples faces or how the puritans hate us. I choose the first. I do like writing the other stuff from time to time and I know I have a unique world view due to my experiences. Usually though it’s those experiences that cause my blood to boil the most when I think of the damage it’s done.

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