Tales of woe

I usually keep my email on my computer in my Seattle area bunker then access it remotely. I decided not to do that for the trip to Idaho time because the battery for the uninterruptable power supply went dead. I purchased a new one but the control software says it is dead also. One power glitch and that computer is offline. So I transfered my email to my laptop. So far so good.

This morning the bunker computer went offline. Glad I moved all the critical files to the laptop. Lots of last minute email from Boomershoot people changing things like dinner plans, High Intensity participation, shooting partners etc. It was all safely on the laptop.

I was just finishing up thing at work before I left for Boomershoot country and my laptop died. It won’t boot. It will try then suddenly shut off. Ouch.

I called work and filled them in with things and they will manage fine without me. But that Excell spreadsheet with all the last minute Boomershoot changes was a problem. I had things backed up one more place. An home server computer that automatically gets all of the files in certain directories of my laptop and bunker computers. Unfortunately it doesn’t have Microsoft Office on it. I took the server computer with me (it’s an old laptop that son James was going to throw away).

When I got to the farm I borrowed my brother’s computer and printed out the spreadsheet pages I needed and I think I’m good to go again on that front.

Driving into the Taj Mahal there was one spot that was completely dry last time I was here and I didn’t expect it to be filled with water and soft mud. I hit it with the car going much too slow. I threw mud all over and just barely pulled through it. I figured I can probably get back through it okay by hitting it a lot faster the next time.

I set up my tent and unloaded most of the stuff out of the car… then it started raining about 6:30 PM. It’s raining hard (currently 7:07 PM). The entire area is a slip and slide now. I don’t think I’m going anywhere tonight.

I had planned to get the ATV and little trailer over here tonight so I could transport all the various stuff to the shooting line and the hillside. That is going to have to wait now.

Update: It has stopped raining now (8:25 PM) and my main laptop is working again. I’ve sent and received email. My tester at work says she fixed one of my bugs and another tester resolved another bug of mine as “No Repro” so I’m down to just two bugs. Thanks Crystal and Satya! I’ll think up something special for you guys at the Private Boomershoot Party next weekend.