3 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2009 video

  1. It was a combination of things. Partly procrastination, the bigger item was finding software which would allow me to easily edit the video. Ends up when I fixed my box and upgraded to Windows 7, it natively had a CODEC for the video that my camera shoots. Combine that with free video software and I finally was able to crank it out. I spent hours after Boomershoot last year trying to get something working on my laptop and XP but finally gave up.

    I made both videos in about 2 hours, between cutting and timing, and finding music that works. Procrastination on the website maintenance, yes, cutting the videos, not so much.


  2. Procrastination is a reprehensible trait. My personal view of it is why put off till tomorrow what you can avoid altogether.

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