Windows Mobile 6.5 is out

It’s possible there are few lines of some of my prototype code that made it through to release. I’m not certain. Windows Mobile 7 will have significant input from me.

Here are the details:

AT&T today announced two new smartphones based on Microsoft Inc.’s new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, HTC’s Tilt 2 and Pure (see images, below.)

AT&T didn’t announce full details for all six new phones, but said the HTC Pure is now available at AT&T stores for $150 after rebates, and the HTC Tilt 2 will cost $300 after rebates. Both require a smartphone data plan commitment and a $40 or higher voice plan in order to receive the rebates.

6.5 is a big step in the right direction and 7.0 will be awesome.


2 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 6.5 is out

  1. Yeah, they aren’t the only ones.

    As much as I would like I can’t really say much more than what I already have.

    And don’t think that people inside MS overlooked the reviews either.

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