Flooring and science fiction

On my latest trip to Idaho and back I listened to a bunch of the Vicious Circle podcasts. I’m in the middle of Vicious Circle 18 (Sucky Science Fiction Movies) right now but I thought I would mention that I was particular struck by what Breda had to say in Vicious Circle 16 (Estrogen Overload!) as she was explaining the controversy in the lesbian community between shag carpets and hardwood floors. At least I think that what she was talking about. Someone else asked about landing strips in the same context so maybe I got confused along the way somehow.

Speaking of SF… just tonight son James and I just finished watching the Stargate: Atlantis series. We liked it. I’m kind of sad that it is over. It was so much better than the three seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine we waded through before it.


2 thoughts on “Flooring and science fiction

  1. Atlantis was considerably better than its predecessor, although that one simply got old by running for season after season after season after season… After over 200 episodes, things start to wear a little thin.

    Me, I am going to stick with B5, Firefly, and Doctor Who, though I have gotten hooked on Heroes – compelling little series, that. And Lost was a great way to burn time during deployment… Ah, hell, when you get right down to it, I will watch pretty much any science fiction – I just bitch less about certain ones.

    Oh, and mark me down as a supporter of hardwood floors.

  2. Barb and I watched a few episodes of the new Doctor Who and were a little disappointed.

    B5 was good. James and I are going to watch that all the way through again (it’s been 10 years or so since I last saw it) with limited interruptions.

    Firefly–James claims this is the best series ever made. I do not disagree.

    As for the hardwood floor support I guess that means you are in favor of species extinction via deforestation.

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