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I have taken something like eight classes (and some of those were taken twice) from Insights. I have put my wife and kids through some of the classes as well. I have been very impressed with their training.

Contrary to the stereotype of gun owners being stupid and just wanting to kill and destroy stuff I was always impressed with how smart the instructors were and how they taught us to avoid confrontations before deploying lethal force. I have been very, very impressed with how much thought they have given to the topic of self defense. They have distilled the concepts and present them in succinct form that you almost instantly recognize as, “Wow! That right!” Examples of such are some of the quotes of Greg Hamilton and John Fogh I have in my collection (not a complete listing):

Sean Flynn is similarly impressed with Hamilton and company.

Today Kevin Kerkam, also an instructor there, contributed a blog post that is another one of those insights (pun intended) that makes you think, “Of course! I should have thought of that but I know I never would have.”


2 thoughts on “Think about it

  1. I loved my Insights classes, mainly because of the lack of BS and the modular nature of their self-defense doctrine.

    Not to mention shooting better.

  2. Good stuff. I guess you’d have to compare the exact same hit with one caliber verses another.

    As I pointed out earlier on Say Uncle; talk to hunters about “stopping power”. Without a CNS hit or one substantially destructive to skelital mechanics, big game can and often will run up to 100 yards through terrain after taking a heart/lung shot. Son had a deer do that on three legs. There too, were talking bullet KEs many times greater than what you get from common defensive handguns.

    I’ve repeated it often with regard to firearms– it’s what a flute maker said in a seminar when asked about selecting the right flute; “Buy the one you like”.

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