3 thoughts on “iPhone killer

  1. Nice piece of anti-Apple propaganda – probably secretly funded by Microsoft and/or Blackberry. However, my thought while viewing it was WOW those iPhones are really well made and pretty robust little units. The 9 mm kept drilling through it, as expected, but the unit remained fairly intact including the glass. Very impressive construction. And yes, Joe, I still like the ballistic applications (in particular Ballistic FTE) that are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

  2. I have an iPhone 3G, and as far as any “smartphone” goes, it is ok. The reason why I got an iPhone? Because they were out of the 99 dollar refurbished blackberries. It is a fun toy, but the data plan costs a bundle.

    When microsoft puts out an iPhone killer, I hope it does better than the Zune. It is easy to make a “me too” product, but it takes something truly superior to take market superiority. I really hope Microsoft can do that, even though I dual boot with Linux on my laptop there are some applications where MS products are just better (I know, I just committed heresy according to the open source movement).

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