Blogging may be light

I’m in the process of moving to another hidden underground hardened bunker. My old one was compromised due to multiple contacts with the police through no fault of my own.

Well…that’s not the only version of the story. It’s also true that the rents have been dropping in the area and I can get an underground bunker for only slightly more money than I’m currently paying and is walking distance from my work instead of a 20 minute (assuming no traffic–yeah, right!) drive.

Until the move is complete and I’m all settled in blogging will be a little lighter than normal. I expect to be done by next Monday.


3 thoughts on “Blogging may be light

  1. What’s a “hidden underground hardened bunker” for?

    If the question is indiscreet or too annoying, please ignore. I am curious though.

  2. It’s where I live when away from my home in Idaho while working at Microsoft.

    My co-blogger Lyle gave it that name when he came over to learn how to be a firearms instructor.

    In our conversations my family and I had difficulty distinguishing between our house in Moscow Idaho and the rented room in a house in the Seattle area. “The Bunker” name stuck because it was useful and entertaining. It also feeds the negative stereotype of a gun owner which is still another story.

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