The answer is yes

Someone wants to know if a .50 caliber round can penetrate a Mercedes Guard Pullman:

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The answer is yes.

The Mercedes Guard Pullman is built to level B6/B7:

High-Protection vehicles, engineered to the European B4 resistance level, resist large-calibre revolver ammunition and offer particularly good protection against the increasing threat of drug-related and violent street crime.

Highest-Protection vehicles, engineered to resistance level B6/B7, provide effective protection against the threat posed by terrorist attacks. Their armour is designed to resist rifle-launched projectiles from military weapons which have a velocity almost twice that of bullets fired from a revolver. They also offer resistance to shrapnel from hand grenades and explosive charges.

According to this page the resistance levels are as follows:

  • B1 rifle .22 lr RN/Lead 10m

  • B2 hand gun 9mm Para FJ2)/RN/SC 5m

  • B3 hand gun .357 Magnum FJ3)/CB/SC 5m

  • B4 hand gun .44 Magnum FJ4)/FN/SCP 5m

  • B5 rifle 5.56mm x 45 FJ4)/PB/SC 10m

  • B6 rifle 7.62mm x 51 FJ2)/PB/SC 10m

  • B7 rifle 7.62mm x 51 FJ4)/PB/BC 10m*

The 7.62mm x 51 is .308 Winchester equivalent. Which means that even a .300 Win Mag (a common hunting rifle for those people in the Brady Campaign reading this) is not something they designed for. A .50 BMG should be able to punch through as well.

*If someone knows what the FJ4)/PB/SC etc. designations are I would appreciate being clued in. I presume it is the bullet type, like Full Metal Jacket, etc. PB might be lead (Pb is the chemical symbol), SC might be Steel Core. But that is all speculation on my part.



4 thoughts on “The answer is yes

  1. This page has some of the definitions:

    L – Lead bullet
    CB – Cast Bullet
    FJ – Full-jacketed bullet
    FN – Flat Nose bullet
    HC1 – Hard Cast bullet, mass (3,7 ± 0,1 g), hardness over 63 HRC
    PB – Pointed nose bullet
    RN – Round nose bullet
    SC – Soft core bullet (Lead)
    SCP1 – Soft-centre projectile (Lead) with steel reinforcement (Type SS 109)
    FJ(1) – Full-jacketed bullet , steel
    FJ(2) – Full-jacketed bullet , copper

  2. Joe,

    I’d guess that the 5 and 10m at the end indicate a range the spec material was tested from, but that’s strictly a guess.


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