Old age and treachery

Currently the vote is 81% to 19% for me to win the bet between Caleb and I. That must because they expect the “old age and treachery” cliché to have a grain of truth. I must set the record straight on a few items.

There is no truth to the suspicion I arranged a false positive on the explosive sniffer as he went through TSA security yesterday.

There is no truth to the suspicion I poisoned him this morning so he couldn’t eat.

It is true that I shot him while on the range at Blackwater (splatter from the steel).

Update: Bitter created a logo for the poll on who is going to win the bet:


3 thoughts on “Old age and treachery

  1. I voted for you because I think your right about the cockiness. The scores don’t lie and excuses don’t last for long. I’m anxious to see how the El Prez comes out.

    Oh, and grudge match video documentation is expected! Preferable including Todd demonstrating how it’s done. U-Tube awaits!

  2. I’ve got to hand it to you, Joe. Although I am old and treacherous it never occurred to me to just up and shoot Caleb. Good job!

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