On my way

I’m waiting to board at SEATAC. You can follow my flight progress for the first leg to St. Louis here. The second leg to Norfolk is here.

Tomorrow I’ll be at Blackwater enjoying the company of several other gun bloggers and the hospatilty of Para USA.

I’m really looking forward to settling the bet with Caleb.

Update: I forgot to mention I plan to update Twitter frequently during this trip.


2 thoughts on “On my way

  1. It looks like you’re only going to have about a 45-minute turnaround before your second flight departs from St. Louis. However, if you’re delayed and hungry — about eight years ago I was stuck in the St. Louis airport due to tornado warnings, and my buddy and I found a TGI Fridays across the freeway ($1 cab ride). The ribs were really, really good which made me suspect they came from a local supplier.

    The restaurant’s still there, inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel:


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