Gun selection for our mercenary training

The top ten gun bloggers (it was a rigged election–I know it must be because I won) are going to Blackwater USA next month for some training with Todd Jarrett all sponsored by Para.

We aren’t being trained as mercs but I figure it’s a good story to tell people and I love the shock value.

Para is supplying the guns and has asked each of us what caliber we want. I asked for .40 because that is the pistol caliber I most frequently reload. Sorry, that wasn’t an option. My options were 9mm and .45. I have all the components and equipment for 9mm so I initially asked for that. Then a minute or so later I asked what the capacity on that gun was. It is 9 + 1. Arghh! 9mm and it’s not even a reasonably high capacity? I carry 18 + 1 in my .40! Okay, so if I’m going to be stuck with a low capacity gun I might as well go with the larger caliber. So it’s the .45. It’s a 1911 style gun and I can use it in the Single Stack division (I currently shoot Limited) for USPSA competition.

Now I find out that this isn’t exactly a 1911 style as I think of it. It’s a “Light Double Action” trigger instead of a single action trigger! The 9mm they offered has a single action trigger. Hmmmm… It’s looking like we’re talking the lesser of two evils here.

Okay. I’ll give them chance. I’ll still go with the .45 but this might be putting me at a disadvantage with the bet I have with Caleb. He’s going with the 9mm and he is spending a lot of time practicing.

Uncle is doing a survey to resolve his similar quandary.

Rob is going with the .45.


3 thoughts on “Gun selection for our mercenary training

  1. Joe,
    The LDA trigger is a hot setup. Just don’t do a partial trigger reset, and you’ll do just fine with it. I have LDA triggers on both of my Paras (I carry the Tac4 as my CCW pistol: 13+1 rounds of .45ACP) and I like them a lot. Todd Jarrett seems to do quite well with the LDA trigger on his race guns, as well.


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