Boomershoot 2009 registration is open

Update June 24, 10:00 AM: The event is now 88% full. There are only nine positions still available.

The day before yesterday (Saturday) I opened up registration for staff to select their positions in Boomershoot 2009. This is the last weekend of April which is over 11 months from now.

Yesterday (Sunday) at 2:02 PM I opened up registration and sent an email to participants of Boomershoot 2008.

Later in the day I sent out email to gun bloggers that had expressed an interest.

By noon today the event was over 75% full.

Today at 4:37 PM I sent an email to the Boomershoot announcement list telling them registration was open.

Currently the event is 84% full with just 12 positions still available.

Sign up soon if you want to attend.

Here is the email I sent to the announcement list:

Sent: Monday, June 23, 2008 4:37 PM
Subject: [BoomerShoot] Boomershoot 2009 registration is open.


Sign up here:


Yesterday I sent out email to 2008 participants and the event is now over three-fourths full. Sign up soon if you want to participate.


The position numbers are unchanged since last year.


Prices went up this year. The cost of the ammonium nitrate, the primary ingredient in the explosives, went up by a factor of over 3.5. The prices of the other components also went up. I don’t need to tell you about the price of gasoline which makes trips to the site for preparations and site improvements much more expensive.


I thought the price for the 2008 dinner was high at $26/plate. When we were confirming the prices for 2009 we were told $30/plate. This caused a several week delay in opening up registration for 2009 as we looked at numerous cheaper alternatives. We didn’t have any good options. We haven’t completely given up and Barb and I will be talking to people over the 4th of July weekend when we are in Orofino. We might still find something else but we don’t know for certain. We have locked in the $30/plate price and if we can find something better this summer we will give you a refund.


Boomershoot improvements planned for this year are:


1) Extending the target area at the 375 yard line so more targets can be placed at one time.

2) Enlarging the shooting berm so it is more comfortable for shooters.

3) Increasing the number of targets.


One of the constraining factors on the number of targets for Sunday was storage space. Because we held back a large number of targets for “cleanup” that took additional storage space on Saturday night. We have moved cleanup to Friday night. Hence the storage space that was used for cleanup will now be available for additional targets for the main event on Sunday.


Keep this in mind when/if you sign up for cleanup. It will not be on Sunday afternoon as it was in the past. It will be sometime Friday evening with the possibility of extending until after dusk when we may do some after dark fireballs.


There will probably be a few targets left over on Sunday which will be exclusively for staff use. Some of my staff do not do any shooting during the main event so this is their only chance to shoot boomers.


See you next April. It will be a blast!



Joe Huffman

Boomershoot Event Director