Why females are so noisy during sex

In case you ever wondered.

Scientists have more data and another hypothesis as to why female primates make noise during sex:

Female chimps often cry out during sex to attract nearby males, but they keep quiet when other females are around so they don’t alert their competition, a new study finds.

The function of copulation calls made by female primates (a group that includes lemurs, monkeys, and apes, such as humans and chimpanzees, our closest relatives) has been debated for years.

Interesting… so if your female partner is noisy during sex it means she wants more males to join in the fun. I’ll bet that is going to make for some interesting pillow talk.


2 thoughts on “Why females are so noisy during sex

  1. So..why are men quiet? Or are they? Wouldn’t the same concepts apply in either direction? “Hey Ladies, we’re sexing up over here. Come check it out.” If not, why? We’ve been told, haven’t we, that the male has the greater interest in broadcasting his seed?

  2. Women are involved in contributing genes no matter how many men they have sex with. Males are more likely to contribute their genes to the next generation if they have a one-on-one session with one female. More than one woman in a short period of time results in reduced sperm count for the subsequent partners. Attracting more men to the scene results in reduced probability of any one male sperm being the lucky one.

    And yes, men in general are much quieter than women.

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