Boomershoot schedule and random stuff

This is the point where I leap off into total consumption by Boomershoot for several days.

I printed the badges last night.

Today a couple staff members and I will prepare the shooting line, prepare for the Precision Rifle Clinic, and prepare the Taj Mahal to be an assembly line for making explosives and targets.

Tomorrow more staff shows up and we crank out hundreds of reactive targets as Eugene and staff conduct the rifle clinic.

Saturday is more target construction, another day of the clinic, and the Boomershoot dinner (Boomershoot spectators are welcome and get a free In Search of the Second Amendment DVD).

Sunday is the big day with my staff arriving early to place 1400 (if everything goes well) targets in the field. Another 180 targets will have been consumed during the clinic.

Interesting–I just realized that the Precision Rifle Clinic alone will consume as many targets that the first two Boomershoots in ’98 and ’99 combined.

The weather is looking great. A chance of a few showers (and maybe some snow) tonight but the days should be pretty good with it warming up on Saturday and Sunday. Some forecasts are even saying it will be in the low 70’s on Sunday. The wind forecast is for 4 MPH winds on Sunday. It’s looking very good indeed!

In other news there have been a number of people cancel at the last minute. Most notable are the guy from England and media representative Brian Doherty. There are now five positions available.

Blogging will be light until this is over.