237 reasons to have sex

It’s mildly interesting and somewhat amusing but I hope it wasn’t funded by some government grant. As much as I’m interested in sex I don’t see much point in this study. I also find it annoying that some of the reasons are duplicates; Example, #7 “I’m addicted to sex”, and #9 “I am a sex addict”. Probably the most interesting part of the survey was this paragraph:

Another perspective comes from the literature on sperm competition (Baker & Bellis, 1995; Shackelford, Pound, Goetz, & LaMunyon, 2005). From this perspective, a man whose partner might have been sexually unfaithful might seek sex, which functions to displace the sperm of the rival male. Or a woman might deplete the sperm of her partner, leaving few available for insemination of rival women. None of these hypothesized functions, of course, need operate through conscious psychological mechanisms.