Boomershoot status

Today we started making the targets. It started with Scott, Barb, and I setting up the canopy, table, and other stuff. Barb brought Ben and Tim over then a little later when daughter Kim showed up Barb brought her over too. Together we built hundreds of targets. The worst thing that happened so far is that I printed some of the labels on the wrong side of the paper. Other than that everything has been going great. Gene Econ put on his Precision Rifle Clinic today finishing up with the consumption of 40 4″ targets and 20 7″ targets. The only ones that didn’t detonate were the ones they didn’t hit or a couple that were just nicked and the contents drained out.

Things are going very well so far. The weather today was great and the forecast is looking great for both percipitation and wind–actuallly the lack of both.

My cousin Julia from Santa Barbara showed up to visit for a while. She had lunch with us onsite and then hung around watching us build targets for a while before going on to visit my parents and brothers. Not the typical thing you experience when visiting your cousin. But then she did a little boomershooting of her own a few years ago.