Boomershoot 2007 news

After much discussion and thinking about it I have decided we can’t allow tracers. At previous events, even though the ground was very wet, there have been several occurrences where tracers started fires in the grass. If those tracers had landed in the woods just a couple hundred yards to the east and started a fire it would be the end of Boomershoot. Sorry about that.

Saturday I got wireless internet service (Wifi) implemented at the Boomershoot site. The signal isn’t all that strong but it is useable except for positions about 65 through 70. The parking area except for part of the .50 caliber area is fine too. I might be able to improve things some but I won’t know for a month or so. Because it is via satellite the ping times are rather long. The typical ping time from there to was about 1400 milliseconds. The specs on the service are:

Up to 512Kbps downstream
128Kbps upstream

Fair Access Policy threshold limits (monthly):
7,500MB Download
2,300MB Upload

What this means is that with a few dozen people using it things are going to be rather slow. Checking email and light blogging is going to be fine but uploading or downloading videos is out. We also need to be a little bit careful that we don’t exceed the monthly limits. The access point is unencrypted and has the SSID of “Boomershoot”.

I’ve been investigating the possibility of doing a night time Boomershoot on Friday night (something like 21:00 to midnight) the 27th. The answer is still up in the air. The blocking issue is the late night noise. I’ve been talking to some of the neighbors and I’m hoping to come up with a conclusion in a couple weeks.