Merry Christmas

Being an atheist I don’t usually take much pleasure in Christmas. But this year is something very special. Last year was very tough for us after being fired from PNNL. However this year is much better. I got a good job last April. The lawsuit against PNNL and my former supervisor, Bryan McMillan, was filled October 30th. And then just in time for Christmas I received word yesterday that McMillan and his wife Torrie (community property state, in order to get full access to his assets we needed to fill against his wife too) got served with the papers.

Merry Christmas Bryan!

Sorry Torrie, but it’s not my fault you married someone of such low character that he committed a felony. I’m pretty sure there will be some more unpleasant surprises for you about his character in the coming years as the lawsuit details come out.

To the people at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous that I asked not to mention the details I talked about, you are now free to blog as much as you want.


1 thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. Just like the racial bigots of past generations, the anti freedom bigots of today will discover: The objects of your hatred are human beings– they wont always just sit and take your crap!

    Thank you, Joe, for taking action. It means a lot. Those of us on the sidelines are in your debt.

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