Boomershoot thoughts

Last night shooters 92 and 93 signed up for Boomershoot 2007 leaving, excluding the .50 caliber ghetto, only three positions. Even a month ago I could not have imagined such a thing would have happened. It’s five and a half months before the event! What other sort of event fills up that far in advance? My guess is that I could start taking reservations for Boomershoot 2008 right now and I’d be half full for that within a month.

I’m pleased and proud but I need to figure out the answer to just one question, what do we do next with Boomershoot? Soon, I’ll finish my posts “Boomershoot Past”, “Boomershoot Present” and “Boomershoot Future”. They aren’t about the details or the mechanics of Boomershoot. They are about the philosophical principles of Boomershoot. From that I will figure out the implementation details of “Boomershoot Future”.

Update: I had a person signed up to shoot alone request to be moved to a different position shared with his friends.  Position 19 in the main area is open again.