Boomershoot 2007 celebrities

I just received word that Neaderpundit plans to attend Boomershoot 2007. We also have bloggers David from Random Nuclear Strikes and Kirk from Fun Turns to Tragedy each attending for the second time. Lyle who is a part-time blogger here and a principle of UltiMAK will be attending too. Ry of Mindless Bit Spew, of course, and “Leroy Brown” from Periodic Journal of my wanderings will be helping make things happen behind the scenes as well as doing a fair amount of “copper engraving” on Sunday.

Lee Ann Frailey (“Everything’s better with a boom“) and her husband will be there.  Steve Joachim will be back with his flying anvil (watch the video or the one here).

In the category of “people with celebrity names but aren’t really” we have Dave Barry and Kevin Klein attending. There are also an amazing number of people from a gun club at a company that must not be named in western Washington including some moderately high placed manager types.

Boomershoot 2007 is going to have some great people attending. This being the 11th Boomershoot I have put on I should be able to deliver on my end of the deal. About the only thing that can prevent us from having great time is Mother Nature.