Boomershoot 2007 entry form improvements

I’ve gradually been making improvements to the Boomershoot 2007 online entry form. It should now be sending email when you have all the required fields filled out and you select a position. I had a few problems getting that to work right for certain email addresses so I would appreciate you verfying that you can receive email via the entry form before I enable everything for actual entries. It will show that positions have been taken but ignore that. They will all be reset when it is enabled for actual entries.

I still have some more things to do such as making the confirmation email real, rather than “this is a test…”, and setting up the payment options. I’m off to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous tomorrow so I don’t know when I will get it completed and will actually be able to start accepting entries but it will be soon.


1 thought on “Boomershoot 2007 entry form improvements

  1. I can’t go, but I tested it with my gmail account, my comcastard account, and my work email address.

    All three worked.

    Have fun in Vegas!

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