It’s off to Mark Twain land

Barb and I will be visiting the Mark Twain National Forest and Ozark Pyrotechnics this week. The plane leaves in a few hours. I’m sure it will be fun going through security. I’m tempted to play games with security but Barb gets annoyed when I do that when she is along.

While we are gone the Huffman-Scott compound will be occupied by men and/or women with nasty attitudes, both long and short guns, bitey dogs, but no explosives. The explosives have been locked away in a secure facility. This is so there will be something left of any goblin who visits while we are gone. I don’t want them to get all the fun.

Update: From being dropped off at the airport until we were through security and done putting all our clothes back on it only took 40 minutes. That 40 minutes included an inexperience ticket agent dealing with my handgun. They are doing their best to make the violation of our inalienable rights as painless as possible.