Evidence of global warming

Okay. Maybe there is some evidence of global warming. But it’s not as conclusive as the caption makes it out to be. And there’s no evidence given that it’s caused by man.

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  1. Hehe! That made me giggle :).

    On a scientific side note, there is conclusive proof that man is responsible for the increase in CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere! (and CO2 is definitely a greenhouse gas) If you check out the C14/C12 ratio, you will find conclusive evidence that the CO2 comes from man. C14 won’t be in any fossil fuels we as humans are burning since it comes from dead stuff like dinos from millions of years ago or what have you. The half life of C14 is ~5,000 years. Therefore there is NO C14 in the stuff we burn. So we should see an decrease in the C14/C12 ratio (so more C12, less C14), this has been observed. Hence the nail in the coffin, it is mankind causing this negative effect to the environment.

    I’ve been to several talks about Global Warming and Climate Change in the past year. This is a problem that if we don’t do anything about will effect the human race in ~50 years (or so I’ve heard scientists predict). I wish we could come up with and enforce a solution to this problem. We did this for the ozone layer under a different administration. The ozone layer has stopped being depleted and will repair itself over the next 60-70 years, iirc. I’m not sure if I remember that number correctly.

    It is time to do something about CO2. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.

  2. I’ll ignore it and it will go away, thanks. Either it will go up, or down, or stay the same. I’ll be dead, regardless. I think I’ll leave some extra lights on tonight just to emit more CO2 in your name.

  3. Regardless. CO2 is a very minor component in total greenhouse effect. Water vapor is far, far more significant, but the greenie socialists don’t care. They also don’t care about the fact that the Earth has been warmer than it is now– over and over, millions of years ago.

    I guess that merely proves the existence of the Republican party before the last ice age? Oh, and why did the Earth come out of the last ice age? Republicans again? I guess no one stands a chance against Bush. He’s even causing the polar caps on Mars to shrink.

    He’s one scary, scary dude, man. Every time it gets hot or we have a storm here, I shake my fist at the sky and shout, “Damn you , George Bush!”

    On a scientific note: The socialists are grasping at straws in a desperate attempt to acquire relevance. Bring it on, I say. Show your true colors. Get your message out.

  4. CO2 Isn’t a very minor component in total greenhouse effect. Water vapor is about 60% where CO2 is around 26%. However, there isn’t more and more water vapor being put up in the air and some greenhouse effect IS good. H2O and CO2 are the major factors in the greenhouse effect. CO2 takes a long while to cycle through the atmosphere where as H20 doesn’t.

    There is a constant amount of water vapor in the air. No one is producing water really. There isn’t really water being made naturally. Over the past several thousand years there hasn’t been a change in water vapor in the atmosphere. Beside when there gets to be too much in the air, stuff condenses and it rains.

    Heteronuclear diatomic molecules and tri-atomic gases absorb at infrared wavelengths but homonuclear diatomic molecules do not absorb infrared light. This is why H2O and CO2 are greenhouse gases but the major atmospheric constituents (N2 and O2) are not.

    Yes, there are cycles, but that doesn’t mean we don’t effect them. I’m just saying we could be doing more than we are right now. Eventually, we’re gonna start seeing population issues on Earth. Either we’re gonna have to limit the amount of kids or find someway to live elsewhere. The standard of living that Americans try to and want to maintain isn’t sustainable by the world’s population.

    I don’t like the current administration for alot more reasons than just not doing something about this issue.

    I hope this makes sense as I’m a bit tipsy atm.

  5. And so we get to it; One way or another, the “answer” always comes around to some version of global socialism, America is the problem, etc., etc.,

    Thank you for clarifyting that. Keep preaching your anti-liberty, anti-American religion so we all know who you are and what you’re advocating. Be proud.

    Now please move to China, where they actually practice what you preach, through forced abortions and worse. You’d love it– they’re so “enlightened”.

  6. Nope. I never said that America is the problem. I simply stated we don’t have the resources for all people in the world to live at the “American Dream” lifestyle. I also stated that if the population keeps growing as it is now, without major war, famine, drought, disease, or epic event of some manner, we will have more humans with the resources and technology we have now.

    Certainly there will be advances, but will it be enough to use our resources to sustain more people and be able to grow more food and distribute it to those who wish to purchase it?

    You are making over generalizations and putting words in my mouth, most likely because I stated I don’t agree with some of the actions and views of the current administration. I can love my country, and not love my president.

    How is what I’m “preaching anti-liberty or anti-American?” All I am suggesting is we could be doing more.

    I’m not in favor of forced abortions, abandonment of children or any of the like. I never said I was. I have simply stated that in years to come there are possible problems that could come up. Preventative measures generally are better than trying to fix the problem afterwards. The early something is dealt with the easier it is to fix it.

    Maybe you shouldn’t put words in others’ mouths or be so condensending. Perhaps if you wish for others to actually listen to you or you even want to attempt to make a point, you could do so in a civilized manner. Instead of yelling at me like a jaded old man you could have try to point out fallacies in my thinking and possibly encourage a different line of thought which might in the end persuade me to change my mind.

    I don’t know. Just a thought. Instead of getting any sort of point across you’ve just left me with the thought, “wow, he’s an ass.”

  7. OK, you called me an ass. I can take it. All I said is that you are asserting typical, run of the mill, Looney Tunes, socialist doctrine, and I am correct.

    You say “we” need to take “preventative measures” to ensure the rest of the world does not enjoy our American standard of living, because you assert that it is unsustainable. This is one of the core themes of the global socialist movement, such as it is. And what would a “preventative measure” be for the “problem” of over population, if not forced abortion, or some form of harsh sanctions for making babies? Hmmm? Be specific.

    Once you go beyond your generalities and start getting into specifics, you end up with brutal tyranny. Hence, you are advocating brutal tyranny. Or you are unknowingly spouting the hard-line socialist talking points. Makes no difference to me, as I say there are two kinds of socialist– the perpetrators and the duped. Most are of the latter type.

    What I will advocate at every turn is Liberty, for you and for me, because I know that human genius will solve the nagging problems you fear so much, and do it spectacularly well. I submit that my position is vastly more supportable with historic evidence. Your position, any time its been put into public policy, is a monumental disaster.

  8. Let me further clarify; The Leftist theme has been, for as long as I can remember, some version of “The American system and American way of life is bad. It is harmful to peace and stability because America fights wars. It is bad for the whole planet because America’s lifestyle involves too much consumption of the planet’s resources, blah blah etc., etc.”

    Never mind the fact that people are better off hear– that the dream of most people around the world is to live the “American Dream”. Never mind that people have been prematurely dying by the millions elsewhere, because their systems of government can’t even solve the basics like food and water. Still, it is America that is a problem, if not THE problem. The solution (to a socialist) is never to lift up the rest of the world to our level of Liberty or better. The solution is always to place more and more restrictions on Americans. We cause the problems, and now, even the problem of bad weather. It had gotten to that point– the point we used for making jokes 30 years ago is now a prominent political position. “Vote for me and I will give you better weather”.

    It is insane. Litteraly insane. Dangerously, pathologically insane. The modern environmental movement has become the new home of displaced socialists and worn out communists from around the world, and anyone who touts the position (that the success of America’s capitalist system is something dangerous) is going to get nothing but scorn and snikers from me. In fact, if the problems of food supply, water supply, energy, etc. are going to solved they will be solved by the unleashing of human potential in a free market, most likely in America.

    If stating that, and showing contempt for the opposite position makes me an ass, I will proudly wear that label.

  9. Well, you’ve just assumed what my beliefs are and how I would specify my generalizations, but you’ve assumed incorrectly. I can’t really blame you as I didn’t specify them myself.

    The “we” I refer to is a global world “we.” We, the people of the earth, don’t have the resources to live the “American Dream.” We, the people of the earth, need to take preventative measures.

    As of right now we don’t have a problem of over-population, but it could become a problem in the future. The answer isn’t forced abortions or harsh restrictions. I think the answer is better sex education. We can’t just preach abstaince and expect kids to follow it. In some states (such as iirc Utah), abstaince is the only form of birth control that is allowed to be taught in schools. I think teens should be informed of the options out there and the consequences of their actions. I don’t think teen pregnancy rates are “the” solution to overpopulation but I think that better informed teens is a step in the right direction. I don’t think kids should be forced to go to the internet to find answers to their sex questions. I also think after a certain number of kids that the government shouldn’t increase the amount of welfare a family gets. Personally I don’t want more to have more than 2-3 children when/if I get married.

    I don’t think this classifies as “brutal.”

    Every nation on earth needs to be responsible with limited resources. Even as it is by around 2300 I believe all the fossil fuels will be expended at the rate we’re going. Alternative forms of energy need to be looked for now. I do think that in America is where alot of the innovation and discovery will take place. It is also in America where SUVs where invented and popularized. There is no need for such gas guzzeling vehicals! Trucks that people buy are way too large and pull way more than is actually needed. I’m sure that the industry could make these more fuel efficent.

    I don’t think America is the problem. I think America is a great country and I feel blessed to live in such a land of freedom and liberty and I wish others had the same opportunity I do. The solution isn’t more and more restrictions on Americans. The solution is responsible usage of the world’s resources by the world’s countries.

    “The modern environmental movement has become the new home of displaced socialists and worn out communists from around the world.”

    I don’t know about that. I was brought up in a household where both my parents are professors of Oceanography and are involved in studying things such are the carbon cycle in the ocean. My mom grew up as a Irisch Catholic in Boston and my dad grew up as a LDS (Mormon) boy in Utah. Both of them worked hard to get everything they have and to provide for three kids. They’re involved in NSF and NOAA and frequently are going here and there for conferences and such. We recycle as much as possible, fold up our milk cartons and ceral boxes flat if they have to be thrown away. We have a garden that we grow alot of our own vegetables.

    I’m just concerned for the enviornment because I was brought up in a household that is enivornmentally concerned and aware. I’m concerned about finding solutions sooner rather than later, although I admit I can’t really do anything myself about that.

    What makes you an ass is getting on a blog and attacking me and accusing me of a certain line and way of thinking and then attacking that line of reasoning with sarcasm and silly remarks and vague “data,” and showing contempt for me and then treating me like I’m a just machine and not another human being with feeling, thoughts and emotions.

    Yes I’m a 21 year old woman and rationally explaining what you think I’m saying and why that’s wrong and rationally explaining and showing reasons as to why your ideas are right is what I’d positively respond to and think “wow, this guy knows what is he talking about, maybe he is worth listening to and revising my believes.” Instead you just come off as an ass and people stop listening to you.

    Sorry for the delay in response, I’ve been on vacation.

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