Busy times at home, James goes to work

The last few weeks have been very busy for me.  Barb came
to Seattle to visit, then I helped James move over and get an
apartment, then Barb and Xenia came over.  Xenia has a few pictures up (check out the new car James bought).  I’ll have some more pictures up before too long.

James starts work (orientation actually) tomorrow morning.  His
first job just out of college.  Barb, who handles all the medical
questions in the family, said James asked her about his appetite. 
He said he had a funny feeling in his stomach and didn’t feel like
eating.  Yeah, there’s a name for that condition.  It’s
called “butterflies”.

Interesting about the new car.  It’s a Toyota, which is the same
manufacturer as the first car Barb and I bought and he got it at the
same dealer we did.  We bought ours new (only one other car we
have bought was new when we got it) and James bought his new.  We
bought ours in 1976, James got his 30 years (minus a couple months)
later.  His cost about nine times as much and his starting salary
is 5.25 times as much as mine was the next fall.


One thought on “Busy times at home, James goes to work

  1. Yes Dad I know what “butterflies” are. =P I told mom I hadn’t been eating as much lately and that I had butterflies bothering me. I didn’t go to mom wondering about what the problem was.

    One of the cool things about the dealership I got my car at is that it’s called James Toyota so on the back of my car that’s what it says: “James Toyota.” Plus my licenseplate holders say “James, Moscow.” So it’s like the car is customized for my name, heh.

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