Long day

Ry and I were out the door of my house in Moscow by 7:30 AM then traveled the hour to the Boomershoot range and made about 45 pounds of reactive targets by 11:00.  We tested them with .223 and .50 BMG ball ammo.  With the .223 we got detonation 50% of the time at 460 yards which figures out to about 1700 fps.  On the .50 BMG there have been problems in the past.  Smaller calibers were popping them off just fine but the .50 in ball wouldn’t.  No problem today — at least at 460 yards.  We also tested some steel targets with the .223 (no damage at 460 yards with VMAX bullets).  Targets six weeks old detonated from 20 yards away with a .223 (last year targets just a four weeks old wouldn’t detonated with a .223).  Just as we were leaving some guy drives up, walks up to the driver side of the Jeep as we are pulling out on the road and asks, “Are you going to be doing that next weekend?”  “No.”  “Good!” and he walked off.    It will be four weeks before we detonate about 1000 pounds (in one and two pound increments) instead of just fifty pounds.  Oh well.  He’ll find out soon enough.  I dropped Ry off at his van, parked at Microsoft, about 12:20 AM.  And now I’m ready for bed at 1:20 AM…

Pictures of Barb’s Jeep later.  I got a comment of “Been four-wheeling, huh?” when we stopped for a bathroom break in Ellensburg.  I didn’t know mud covered Jeeps attracted the attention of pretty college-age girls… I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next time Barb is out of town.

Update: Ry has a couple posts up here and here about our adventures this weekend.  And here is the picture of Barb’s Jeep after we got back from the Boomershoot range: