Visit to Boomershoot site

Barb and I had lunch with my parents on Sunday.  We stopped by the Boomershoot site on our way home so I could measure the shooting line in both the .50 BMG and smaller caliber shooting areas. 

I have plenty of room for all the .50 BMG shooters as well as the people with ‘normal’ guns.  I currently have only 11 out of 60 slots left with at least one more entry “in the mail” so I expect Boomershoot 2006 will be completely filled.  The shooting line will be over 250 yards long which reminds me that I need to get some handheld air horns for the range officers.  The battery powered horn worked fine when the line was only a couple hundred feet long but it just can’t be heard well enough 100 yards away.

The site is still very wet with ducks swimming in the standing water in the field, and the grass is still brown from the winter.  But for the middle of March it’s doing fine.  But with the clouds it made for a nice picture from the shooting area: