Asperger syndrome

A couple days ago I subtly mentioned I may have Asperger syndrome.  Boyd and David, in the comments, disagreed with that diagnosis.  Boyd in particular said, “Asperger syndrome is marked by poor social skills so that kinda knocks Joe out of the running (sorry man ; ).”  Uhh… you didn’t know me until I was over 40 years old.  If you had know me in the first 20 years of my life you would have had a much different opinion.  And besides, Boyd, you’re an engineer type yourself!

Barb obtained a book on Asperger syndrome and read it in one night this week.  She called me every few minutes:

Date    Time  Minutes
01/24 08:35 PM   3
01/24 08:28 PM   4
01/24 08:05 PM   3
01/24 07:53 PM   2
01/24 07:50 PM   3
01/24 07:48 PM   2
01/24 07:32 PM   5
01/24 07:25 PM   5
01/24 07:20 PM   5
01/24 07:09 PM   2
01/24 07:05 PM   3
01/24 06:43 PM   2
01/24 06:25 PM   3
01/24 06:09 PM   3

Every time she called it was to tell me about another thing she read and about how well it described me.  Right down to some of the physical characteristics that are sometimes associated with AS.  I’m a high functioning AS and somethings didn’t match but it’s pretty clear that using this phrase to describe me is appropriate in the world of the Neurotypicals.  It explains a lot of the frustration I have dealing with Neurotypicals too.  They are irrational, refuse to explain themselves, or the datasets they are working from and tend to attempt refuting your bullet proof logic and data set with phrases like, “It doesn’t matter, you are still wrong.”  Or “I don’t believe your facts.” End of discussion, no facts that contradict the facts I presented, no rational explanation as to why “my” facts might be wrong.  They just issue a blanket dismissal of my argument and they are perfectly happy to continue believing whatever it is they want to believe.  My insistence that they definitely shouldn’t be allowed to vote and perhaps shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce either are all consistent with AS behavior.  Just as is their complete disregard for facts and logical, if it is convenient for them, typical of the Neurotypicals.

When is it we will make first contact with Vulcans?  Beam me up Spock.  I’m on the wrong planet.