Coaching cheerleaders

In high school I participated in track.  In college and after, until we had kids, I played a lot of tennis.  After Bill Clinton (spit, spit) was elected President I took up shooting.  With my choice of sports it should come as no surprise that cheerleaders seemed a bit pointless to me.  However here is news of a cheerleading coach that could have made a difference in my attitude on cheerleaders:

SULTAN, Wash. – A high school cheerleading coach resigned after allegedly teaching her team how to perform certain sex acts.

It happened in the small Snohomish county town of Sultan, apparently during a team sleepover at the home of cheerleading coach Katie Chase.

Chase held a sleepover, where she allegedly instructed the students on how to perform certain sex acts.

She had been on the job since September and was not employed as a teacher. She resigned Thursday and a new cheerleading coach was hired today to take her place.

If that is the type of coaching Ms. Chase is interested in there are other opportunities for her in the nearby Seattle area if she has sufficient expertise.  I wish her luck in her future endeavors.

Thanks to Fish Or Man for pointing this out.