The law doesn’t apply to certain people

I have a five hour drive to work at the beginning of the week and a five hour drive home at the end of the week.  Five hours of boredom–except my mind has lots of time to dwell on things.  This time I was focused on the bigots at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  In addition to the stress of the excess of adrenalin in my system without cruise control I found myself traveling above the speed limit numerous times and ended up cutting about 20 minutes off the usual drive time.  I wouldn’t have mentioned this except after trying to sleep for a couple hours I decided to read a few blogs and immediately found Michelle Malkin has posted on something I can relate to.

It’s another example of where the law doesn’t apply to certain people but it does to others.  Currently PNNL is in defiance (or has flat out lied about the existence of certain documents) of several Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests.  And they still employee the people that committed a felony against me–costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income and appears to have destroyed my career.  And that doesn’t even consider the adverse impact on national security due to the negative impact of losing my contribution on certain projects.

All the anger generated while driving may not have been entirely wasted–I thought of another way to put some pressure on them.  I have some meetings arranged for talk about more traditional methods in the next few weeks but in the mean time I can start preparing a non-conventional surprise for the felons.