We have a finalist

Xenia called earlier and told us both of her and Meghan’s entries made it into the finals in state drama competition.  The competition will be over within about 15 minutes.  It probably will be another hour or so before we hear the results.  She was really excited–I could barely understand her.  Break a leg Xenia!

Update: She got third place in ensemble pantomime and a medal.  It was a skit they created on their own.

Update2: Xenia has her own post up with lots of pictures.  Caution–pictures of teenage girls in nightgowns and beds.  (That should generate some traffic for her.)

Update3: I fixed the broken link to the teenage girls in nightgowns and one wearing a bra on her head.

1 thought on “We have a finalist

  1. That’s pretty cool!

    Tell her “congratulations” from me. Not that she’ll have any clue who I am…

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