Crossing T’s and dotting i’s

I got a call from Xenia yesterday.  She said a big package arrived in the mail from PNNL.  I asked her to open it and tell me about the contents.  It was from Peggy Hevland who said they found some more stuff from my former office that appeared to be personal rather than work related.  It was some paperwork I had filled out related to getting my security clearance.  I didn’t have Xenia go through all of it but as near as I could tell it wasn’t anything important.  They appear to be just tidying things up as best they can.  Sort of like sweeping up the broken lamp and putting the furniture back in place after they broke into your house and raped you.

Barb had an interesting comment when she heard about it.  I’d repeat it here but I generally don’t use that kind of language.

I wonder if they have run out of options on the FOIA and Privacy Act requests they have been defying and are trying to get things in order for the counter attack they know is coming.

Also of interest is that I suspect it’s someone from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that downloads all the pages off of my web site every so often.   It’s nice to know they are still “thinking about me.”  I often think of them too.  That reminds me–I need to sharpen a couple of knives I used when I gutted and skinned my deer.