Job complications

I was originally scheduled to start work this morning.  But due to some paperwork not getting to me days later than it should have been certain things weren’t ready.  The company I am contracting through told me yesterday, “It’s just not going to happen until next week.  Go home and we’ll give you a call a day or so before you start.”  Okay, fine.  I get to spend an extra day with my family and I get to go to teacher conferences with Xenia.  During the middle of the teacher conferences I get a call from the company I’m going to be working for, “Where you supposed to be here for orientation this morning?”  The contracting company apparently didn’t tell them they didn’t have all the paperwork done yet.  I didn’t even know to who or where I was supposed to report to thus I had no way of informing them.

I think it’s all straightened out, but it’s still embarrassing and painful.  And I still don’t know when I actually start work.


2 thoughts on “Job complications

  1. When I got out of the Navy, my first job was through a temp agency.

    They told me the customer wanted me to start “right away”, which was a Thursday. So I showed up on Thursday morning, to be told “we thought you’d be here on Monday… but you can start today if you want.”

    Ain’t communication a wonderful thing?

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