Last post for a few days

Barb and I are taking the Jeep deep into the woods of Idaho for the next few days.  We hope to exit in someplace Montana sometime on Sunday or Monday.  Obviously there won’t be any posting until we reach civilization again.  The ‘compound’ here in Moscow will be guarded by one of our adult children with training on both handguns and rifles and a goodly supply of ammo for them.  There is a 12-gauge shotgun and ammo as well should there be a need for further “discouragement” of goblins.  And if they wanted to get a little creative they could break out my “chemistry set” since they have experience with that too.  But I would frown on that since the AN supply is limited and it would be a hassle fixing the craters and windows when we get back.

While I’m gone remember what the 4th of July is all about.