Boomershoot 2005 video

Scott Davis (Davis Productions) has finished the Boomershoot 2005 video.  Someone in my house must have picked it up and didn’t bother to tell me it was here.  I had seen the case sitting around for a week or two but didn’t look close enough to see the title.  Barb and I watched it last night.  Very nice.  😀

It not as heavy on the interviews as last year but does have interviews with Chuck Hurst, Jack du Toit (Son&Heir of Kim du Toit), and Sara Young.  There may be some others but I forget right now.  There is also video of the fireball opening, the bowling ball motar, and the anvil shoot.  Kirk’s rifle was featured prominately (as he noted in this blog posting).  There is video of Ry and I being rather animated at one of the shooters meetings.  Thankfully our blatherings were muted and music was overlayed.

I’m nearly certain you can still get a copy by contacting Scott.