My new blogging software

The old stuff had tremdous problems with spam and was no longer
supported.  The plan is to move all the old posts over to this
blog in the near future.  I’m still working on getting a theme I
like and there are lots of other things I’m trying to figure out. 
Please remain patient while I work on things.


5 thoughts on “My new blogging software

  1. Not a problem… You should have seen mine evolving over the weekend… There were times that it was just not pretty…


  2. you seemed to do a pretty good job with the spam as I never saw any on your blog entries…


  3. Hey guy! Just respect to you for what you are doing! And for you know exactly the idea what u r talking about! It’s very informative and splendid page! A lot of intresting stuff could be found here. Anyhow I wish you luck and all the best in your life and work!

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