Crime rate using guns is up so ban imitation guns

I have gone from bewilderment to amusement at the firearms situation in the UK.  I used to wonder why the population allowed the politicians to continue breathing as they confiscated their firearms.  It turns out that banning the real thing didn’t make the crime rate go down. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that thinks about the problem.  If someone is willing to use illegal violence for some purpose then why would you think they will obey a law against owning a firearm?  And do you think a law banning firearms will be any more effective in reducing the availability to criminals than the laws against the use of recreational drugs?  Now the politicians are proposing to ban imitation guns and knives:

…new figures showed offences involving imitation firearms rocketed by 66% last year, Home Secretary Charles Clarke said he planned to launch a new consultation on a possible ban.

“We will introduce a flagship Violent Crime Reduction Bill within weeks of the General Election,” said Mr Clarke.

“It will tackle the ownership and use of replica firearms and knives, propose tougher sentences for knife and gun crime, and new measures on anti-social behaviour.

It’s reaching the point where the population shouldn’t need firearms to remove these idiots from office.  The entire population should be laughing so hard the politicians flee the country in shame.


3 thoughts on “Crime rate using guns is up so ban imitation guns

  1. Any bill named “Violent Crime Reduction Bill” will certainly pass. Only an evil person could be against “Violent Crime Reduction”?

  2. The phrase indicated an intent to ban “replica guns and knives.” So, are they banning real knives, or just replica knives, I wonder?

  3. I wondered about the knives too. I suspect real knives. I know they have been talking about banning “assault knives” for some time. Setting a minimum age for purchasing of knives, registration of knives, and background checks before you could purchase them… those sort of things. So I think this is just another push in that direction.

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